How to get a Round Bubble Butt

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Are you unsatisfied with your butt? Do you think it is too flat, too small or too flabby? Would you like to have a sexy, round bubble butt? A butt that will be noticed and that will fill out your jeans or your favorite sexy dress?

To get one is easier than you think but it does require a little bit of effort. You can get really good results in s little as six weeks.

Learn how to get a round bubble butt.

There are many ideas around on how to make your butt look bigger. Padded panties are one thing. It makes your butt look bigger, but just like a padded bra, it is not for real and when it comes off it will your great big booty will be gone to.

Then there are butt implants. This not only expensive but can also be dangerous. Also touching a butt with implants just won’t be the same as a natural butt so implants are probably not a good idea either.

So how about getting a real sexy round bubble butt instead? A butt that you can admire when you look in the mirror and that will turn heads when you walk the street.

To get a sexy round bubble butt you need to do the following:


The buttocks are made up mostly of muscle and therefore you need to do some exercise in order to make them firm, round and well shaped.

Many activities will work the buttocks (tennis, badminton, rollerblading, power walking just to mention a few) but for really good (and quick) results you should do exercises that specifically target the buttocks, a few examples these are: Lunges, kneeling sidekicks and bridges. For detailed instructions (with images) on how to do them go to


A good diet very important if you want to get a bubble butt. Don’t eat junk food, it is hazardous to your health and if you put on weight eating junk food it is likely to go elsewhere on your body than on your butt. Eat healthy natural foods such as fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, cereals. Milk and eggs are a great source of protein. The protein will help your muscles recover between workouts. So a couple of eggs (preferably boiled) and a few glasses of milk a day is a good idea.

The last tip

This last tip is what is really going to add some serious volume to your butt. As mentioned the buttocks are made up mostly of muscle but also fat. So to get a great round bubble butt you also need to add some fat to it. There is a method that actually allows you to move body fat to your butt and thus making your buttocks a lot bigger. To learn more check out bigger butt quickly 

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It is easy to get big, round and sexy looking butt
In only six weeks you can add 2 inches or more to your butt with a minimum of effort and make your booty look really sexy. Go to to find out How to get a Round Bubble Butt  

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How to get a Round Bubble Butt

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This article was published on 2011/04/05